2026 Subaru WRX Price, Specs, Redesign

2026 Subaru WRX Price, Specs, Redesign – The WRX portfolio will be expanded to include a range-topping TR model for the year 2026 by Subaru. In the past, the TR model was a stripped-down edition that was designed for purchasers who wanted to modify the car for themselves. However, this particular WRX TR already comes with performance improvements already installed. All of the following features are included as standard equipment: Brembo brakes, firmer springs, a retuned steering rack, Bridgestone Potenza S007 tires, Recaro seats, and a six-speed manual transmission. Additionally, the WRX range now includes driver-assistance technologies that were previously exclusive to models with the continuously variable automatic gearbox. These functions are now available for vehicles that are equipped with the manual transmission.

2026 Subaru WRX Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior & Interior

On the inside, the WRX appears to be quite similar to other modern Subaru models, with the exception that it has been upgraded with details that resemble carbon fiber and bright red contrast stitching. Additionally, there is a set of analog instruments in addition to a steering wheel that has a flat bottom and a thick rim. There are massively bolstered Recaro front seats that are upholstered in microsuede that come standard with the top-tier GT model. Using the back seat that folds down into a 60/40 split, the trunk may be reached from the interior of the vehicle. 2026 Subaru WRX Price2026 Subaru WRX Interior

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Every WRX comes standard with a touchscreen infotainment system; however, the display on the basic model is just 7.0 inches, while the display on all subsequent trims is 11.6 inches and designed to be oriented vertically. Although the system does include some conventional controls for the radio and temperature system, the majority of its functionality is accomplished through the use of touch inputs. A Harman-Kardon sound system with eleven speakers is also available for purchase. in the other hand, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included in the list of basic multimedia amenities that come standard on the vehicle.

2026 Subaru WRX Specs

Engine & Performance

There is a turbocharged 2.4-liter flat-four-cylinder engine that can be found under the WRX’s car hood. The engine is equipped with either a continuously variable automatic gearbox (CVT) or a conventional six-speed manual transmission, which allows it to transmit its 271 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Every WRX, as is customary, is equipped with all-wheel drive. Additionally, those who choose to go with the automatic transmission, which can also be operated by means of paddle shifters located on the steering wheel, have the ability to choose from three distinct drive-mode settings.2026 Subaru WRX Specs

Additionally, adaptive dampers are included with the GT model, which is only available with automatic transmission. Another option is a set of wheels with summer performance tires that measure either 17 or 18 inches in diameter. We have had the opportunity to drive the WRX, and we have admired its greater refinement and smoother ride compared to the previous version. Despite the fact that the TR model’s performance-enhancing goodies, which include Brembo brakes, a stiffer suspension, grippier tires, and a retuned steering rack, bring about significant improvements to the WRX’s road manners, tuners may find nothing to tweak, which is not quite in line with the “Tuner Ready” badge that the vehicle bears. 2026 Subaru WRX Price

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When we took the WRX with the manual gearbox to our test track, it reached 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds, and it finished the quarter-mile in 13.9 seconds while traveling at 101 miles per hour. In 5.4 seconds, the WRX GT model with its basic CVT was able to reach 60 miles per hour; however, it was slower through the quarter-mile, surpassing that barrier in 14.1 seconds while maintaining the same speed of 101 miles per hour.

2026 Subaru WRX Fuel Economy

The EPA estimates that the WRX will get a combined fuel economy of 22 miles per gallon when equipped with the manual transmission and 21 miles per gallon when equipped with the CVT automatic transmission, which is an optional feature. Both our six-speed manual WRX Limited and our automatic WRX GT test vehicles achieved a fuel efficiency rating of 28 miles per gallon when driven on a highway while traveling at a speed of 75 miles per hour. 2026 Subaru WRX Price

2026 Subaru WRX Safety Features

There are a number of well-known driver aid technologies that may be installed in the WRX; however, these features are only available on versions that come with an automatic transmission. You can visit the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to obtain further information on the results of the crash tests conducted on the WRX. Among the most important safety elements are:

  • Available forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking
  • Available adaptive cruise control
  • Available lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist
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2026 Subaru WRX Release Date & Price

It is possible to get a 2026 Subaru WRX for as little as $33,856 or as much as $45,336 depending on the trim level and the extras that are purchased.2026 Subaru WRX Price

The Premium edition of the WRX, which comes equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, is the one that we would go for. It provides an excellent blend of features without becoming too pricey, in contrast to the GT model that is fitted with automatic transmission exclusively. 2026 Subaru WRX Price